Tobar Breedy, Lough Hyne

Holy Wells of Cork

st bridgets well 3St Bridget’s Day seems an auspicious date to start a blog about holy wells! February 1st, her feast day, was no doubt carefully chosen by the early Christian church to coincide with the start of Imbolc, the ancient Celtic festival of renewal and rebirth, and the arrival of Spring. St Bridget remains a hugely popular saint in Ireland, up there with St Patrick, and she is patron to a wide assortment of groups: babies, blacksmiths, dairymaids, nuns, sailors and cattle, amongst many others! Much has already been written about her but here’s an excellent place to start should you want more information.

Needless to say St Bridget has many wells dedicated to her – look out for place names with breed or bride in them. Most of these are to be found in County Kildare where she established a religious centre – built, incidentally, on an even older pagan shrine…

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